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I'm sorry I don't have Kik, Facetime, and other shitty stuff.
Okay? Kay.

Contact me on any social network if you want. But I recommend you don't do that, I'm usually disturbing people at Starbucks.

  • Scarlotte Kendall.x
    Update if you can please. C:
    91 Days
    91 Days
    *Shortlisted for Movelley's Fan-fiction of the Year 2013* Tips to fake dating: Stiffen that upper lip, put on a fake smile and pretend that everything is okay, even if you're being paid to date someone...
  • Scarlotte Kendall.x
    Whale this is very fair and interesting. I've been like this for fanfictions like- people would be pretty pissed at me if I just made a little spelling mistake, like probably I missed a letter on my keyboard. What the fuck man-
    Why Directioners Stress Me Out
    Why Directioners...
    A little movella about how Directioners stress me out. I'm not hating, in fact, most of my best friends love One Direction. I am a fan, but am no means a Directioner! I am also giving out advice on...
    7 years ago
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    Yeah, hitting a wrong key is acceptable, and so are auto correct mistakes. It's when loads of words are spelt wrong or written in text speak that people start to get annoyed.
    Scarlotte Kendall.x
    Sometimes you can get really stressed about it as well.
    And sometimes you just don't want to write anymore and then people start to suck up and then. Shit happens.
    7 years ago
    Yeah. Everyone makes mistakes.
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