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My name is Rambo, I'm a kitten.

Weight: 5 pounds
Fur: Grey stripes
Eye colour: Yellow

That is all.


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    by @[DragonSoulJess] and @[Josienee 2001] and @[Moosey]

    Full name: .................................... Too long.

    Nickname: Secret Agent Rambo

    Battery percent: 98% ( I am charging )

    iPhone or android: neither

    Last person I texted: no one.

    Birthday: about last month

    Last song listened to: .......?

    Favorite color: Gray

    Favorite movie: I am like not even a month old...

    What mood I am in now: Tired and excited.

    Apparently I have a boyfreind? His name is Diego? @[Lia is a zebra ◕‿ ◕] 's cat?
    #Ramigo and #Diambo ??

    weird man.

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    #IthoghtitwasRambo #Ineedtokeepuptodate
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    by @[Moosey]

    1: Do you prefer solid books or books in a digital format?
    Book books

    2: Favourite hair colour?

    3: Favourite food?

    4: Where are you in the line of siblings? Oldest, youngest or middle?
    I think I came out 2nd

    5: Are you a fast typist?
    Eh, no. I have small paws.

    6: Are you a neat freak?

    7: Soda or tea?

    8: Sandwiches or chips?

    9: General amount of sleep you need?
    *yawns and goes back to sleep*

    10: Are you a vengeful person? EXAMPLE: If a guy\girl dumped you, would you write a song about them and be all mad at them for being a jerk?
    Uh... I am a kitten.

    11: Are you a dog or cat person?

    12: Favorite gaming console?

    13: Favorite game?

    14: EDM or heavy metal?

    15: Apple or Samsung?

    16: Laptop or Tablet?

    17: Band, orchestra, PE, or chorus?

    18: Which is your favorite: Middle or high school?

    19: Favourite climate?

    20: A want that you feel is a need?
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    @[Amour Beanie]
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