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Hi, I'm 14, some of my favorite music artistis are Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Fray, Eminem, 21 Piolets, All American Regects, and Ed Sheeran. I am completely awkward and awaiting the impending doom that is Freshman year. Oh, and I have a question. Why must most of the population of teenage boys act like complete idiots? I would love to hear an answer if you have one, lol.
Follow my other account under the username List, for original stories (once I post them.)
And I will mention the Drarry again. *Fangirls over Drarry in corner* omg I love them so much! Lol

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    mumbled "1141 Reads!"

    I have 1141 reads on my story, Wings! I never dreamed that over a thousand people would read it! Thank you so much for supporting me in my writing, and for just reading my story! Stay awesome and I hope to update it soon! If you haven't read it and like Drarry, please check it out, each and every read means so much to me!
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    Please update it
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    This is awesome
    him. ; malum
    him. ; malum
    in which michael clifford takes a notice in calum hood and can't seem to stay away, even though calum tells him not to. // lowercase intended.
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    Update soon
    I will have you Pup
    I will have you...
    Adien is a 18 year old werewolf that has been looking for his mate. What happens when he finds his mate? What if his mate is really a boy? What if that boy is abused? Will he accept him or will this all...
    Blood Mistress
    3 years ago
    okay plan on maybe tonight or monday
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    Don't Think - Joshler (On Hold)
    Don't Think - Josh...
    Tyler thought it was all a joke. Josh didn't. Josh loved Tyler. Tyler didn't. This story only has one chapter at the moment and is currently on hold. Sorry!
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