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My nickname is M from my real name M******
My pen name is derived from my "mom" Emma and my dad Lee (Leigh)

Values: hard work, patience, justice, loyalty, intelligence, creativity, leadership, ambition, and resourcefulness.

Is there anything, you as readers of this, should know?
- I've been reading since I was about four; writing since the second grade. My main motivation to write has been my 7th grade English teacher, Leslie Marlar

Fun fact: I'm bilingual. I speak Spanish and English. By the time I'm done with school, I will have a total of seven years of Spanish.

Most bizarre dream?
- It would have to be when I dreamt I came home from college; my dad had told me he was dating someone; I came home, went to church and saw my English teacher at the church. My dad gave me a hug and proceeded to steer me into the direction of Mrs. Marlar. Later that week, he proposed. I left for college the very next day.

What novels have I done?
- Undercover
- Baby Mine
- Illegal Religion
- Unwritten

Best writing advice?
- Just keep writing; you are your own worst critic. The worse the story seems to you; the better it is when people read it.

Views on Religion
I believe in God. I believe that Jesus died on the cross, was buried in the grave and rose again the third day. One day I'll go to Heaven and live with him there.

You’ll get through it. Whatever the heartbreak and the hurt and however consuming and painful everything feels, you’ll get through it. You have before, and you will again. You’re so strong- after everything you’ve face in life you’re still fighting and your beautiful soul is conquering every fear and heartbreak you have. You’ve got this, a million percent. You can do this, you can push through. Always keep going babe, even when it hurts and things seem impossible and it would be so much easier to just give up. Always keep going because however dark things may seem, the sun will always rise and there will always be another reason to keep fighting. Believe in yourself beautiful, you’ve overcome so much, you deserve to have some faith in yourself. Give yourself some slack because you’re trying your best and you keep getting up and you keep going and it may not be perfect but it’s enough. You’re always enough there are people, even strangers like me, that care and love you, don’t you ever forget about that.

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You Can Be a Writer

by , Wednesday February 27, 2019
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A Career and Leisure Guide

Clifford Lindsey Alderman

Copyrighted in 1981 by Clifford Alderman

Used with permission

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    I found a lot of parallels to my own life but I couldn't have ever gone through some of the things you've gone through. Your existence is not a waste and you're an amazingly talented author. Once you're in a dark place it's hard to get out, I know it is, but having hope in your boyfriend, your life with him and a career. Having hope is one of the best things to have. To have hope that things will get better but you have to have faith as well. Faith in that the things you hope for will come true.
  •   Em
    3 days agoReply
    Title: Hope, Faith, and Love
    Subtitle: an autobiographical adventure
    Penname: Em
    Quote: "You are where you need to be; just take a deep breath."
    Ideas: I have no idea...this is kind of something that just happened.
    Theme: Dark
    Email: you should already have it.
    Please post in the story as well

    Zireee's Cover Store (RE-OPENED!)
    Zireee's Cover Sto...
    You want a cover for your story? You've come to the right place! Hit me up!
    2 days ago
    your cover is done and uploaded.
    2 days ago
    Thank you
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    mumbled "Art..."

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    I've been trying to figure out ways about how to share this. How do I possibly tell the world about the women who helped raise me? Do I write a blog? Do I write a story? Then it finally hit me...art.
    The figures inside the first circle are me, my mother, my father, stepfather and two younger brothers. The figures in the outer circle are the six ladies that changed my life. They're my 'other mothers'
    3 days ago
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    @[Jadessa Crowe] really? No one's ever been interested in my life's story.

    I have a few blogs up that kind of go into detail. You might wanna check those out and then come find me if you're still interested
    3 days ago
    I was going to recommend a blog but all of them kind of give details.
    Jadessa Crowe
    3 days ago
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    Yes I'll certainly check those out!
  •   Em
    1 weeks agoReply
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    You should continue
    Entering Emotion
    Entering Emotion
    Do I really have the opportunity to begin to feel emotions, other than sad and dismal maybe even on a good day dull. How I wish Love could become part of my daily routine.
  •   Em

    mumbled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

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    I made ya a lil something!

    16 should be the best birthday one ever has. You're approaching adulthood; and if you ever need anything just DM me.

    Little Miss Author
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    Aww! SO sweet!
    2 weeks ago
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    Thank you so much!
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