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Mark Twain once proclaimed: "Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but have ceased to live." (Mark Twain)

I choose to express my illusions, to give them a solid form to share with the world.

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    John green, Veronica Roth, Julia Kagawa, Cassandra Claire, Melissa Marr, Alexandra Adornetto, Rachel Caine, Lauren Kate, L.A. Weatherly, Quinn Loftis, Amy Plum, Angela Carter, Aldous Huxley, Andrea Cremer, Cormac McCarthy, T.S.Eliot, John Milton, James Joyce, Jackson Pearce, Lemony Snicket, P.C.Cast, Rebecca Fitzpatrick, Addison Moore, Stephanie Meyer and Tammy Blackwell.
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    Impressive, how it tells a story so smoothly. And i liked the two perpectives of it. really enjoyed it.
    Love Found
    Love Found
    This is a story I have written, but as a lot of you have probably realised, I enjoy writing poetry. So I decided to write a story in poems! Hope it works! It is a very short story about a girl and a boy....
    8 years ago
    oh good, I'm glad you like it, I was experimenting a bit, with a different style of writing, I have written a poem for you in my movella, dedications. x
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    Impressive. Really quite a soulful poem. It's short but has a lot of depth.
    Stuck in the middle
    Stuck in the middl...
    A poem from the point of view from a tree in a war ground and what it see's. This is a competition entry so please like, fav and comment :)
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