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HI I'm Klaudia!! (yes with a K, it's German or Danish I think....)

First off I'd just like to give a hearty welcome to all those reading and all my fan.. *cough cough* I mean followers.... Okay so a little bit about me hey!

I am a huge huge huge HUGE Greek Mythology Geek and have a weird obsession with la moon O.o dun dun dunn. That just means I love Artemis!

So my favourite colours are:

My favourite tv shows include:
-Game of Thrones
-The Vampire Diaries
-Sailor Moon

Favourite Bands/ Artists:
- Paramore
- Kiss
-Bon Jovi
-Linken Park
-Allstar Weekend

-Mortal Instruments
-Infernal Devices
-Eragon Series
-Series of Unfortunate Events
-Harry Potter
-Percy Jackson

Other random things include:
-Love of Parle Productions
- Youtube

Ships and people I love:
-Jensen ackles <3
-Jared Padalecki
-Ian Somerholder
-Joseph Morgan
-Felecia Day
-Logan Lerman

That is all I can think of at this present moment so I now bid you will to enjoy my stories and everything else!

Thankyou my lovelies! <3 XoX's

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    mumbled "The Triad"

    I'm back baby! Yes I am back from an extremely LONG and insufferable writers block, also school gets in the way of things but that is not as severely important! So I promise a NEW chapter of The Triad will be up and running by this weekend *shouts of joy all around* I know I know it's been absolutely forever since I last updated, but hey better late then never right? ;)

    On another happy note I have also started up a new story called Deity. This is set in the modern age and will be based upon my own taking of Peter Pan and Wendy. Thus you can count there will be HEAPS of magic and sarcasm!! The Prologue has been posted so enjoy if you like!!

    Have wonderful night/day everyone!
  • Silver_Millennium

    Willing to create some book covers for you lovely folks

    I currently have no life at the moment and it is holidays season here in Aus, thus I am willing to create some covers for anyone in need of!
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    @[Miss Fountain Pen]

    7 years ago
    Can you do me a cover?
    Madness InsideThis is a story that ties in with my other movella, A Little Bit Mental. That book gave me the idea. This explores the life of Crystal in the mental home,...

    I just need a cover that would fit this book c:
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