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Hi! I'm Skyler, or Sky, I'm 12 years of age, I'm going to be thirteen in July! I have one little sister, and I love walking dead, supernatural, and so many other things!
Umm, OH! I also love Creepypasta, and Minecraft, along with fnaf, that's about it....If you wanna know more, just ask!
Oh and I'm the Creeper girl in the profile pic!
Sup, I'm Nicole, that's all you can call me, Sky's only allowed to call me Nikki, so you don't.
I'm also 12 but I'll be 13 in July too, Sky's only one day older than me XP
I like the same things as her, so there's nothing else I can really say, if you wanna know more, ask. BYE!
Oh and I'm the Ender-girl in the picture.

  • ❄Skyler & Nicole🔥

    mumbled "Comments."

    Sky: I don't know about you guys, but whenever I look at the comments on my stories, it brings tears in my eyes.
    Nicole: No joke, I've had to get her ice cream many times.
    Sky: I just really love you guys! And I love reading your comments the most!!
    Nicole: She's weird. *points at Sky*
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