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♡ Hello

♡ Sophia Maria

♡ Directioner ♡ Narry

♡ 5SOSfam ♡ Cake & Mashton

♡ I have this really bad illness caled being shy so if you talk to me, don't expect me to answer right away bc I'm dumb and don't know how to act around people.

♡ I don't know how to make bios like wut how do people make perfect bios?

♡ My favorite sayings include: yas, ayy lmao, samesies, don't, aw cuties

♡ I'm a cheerleader aw cutie

♡ Fan me and my nonexistent movellas

♡ This used to be my sister's acc, but she doesn't use it anymore, so its now mine and I deleted her movella.

  • ♡Sophia Maria♡
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    Wow this is one of the first good movella I have seen. Good job on writing this, it's nice! :D
    We'll Always Have Dublin
    We'll Always Have...
    Sometimes life gets lonely when everyone is too far away or too busy. You plan to see each other but then something comes up and you never reschedule. Feelings like this are the worst and it makes you...
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