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HI!!! my name is jocelyn but i hate my name well at least my first name so i go by my middle name raylene or my nicknames ray or rayz, anyway i love reading and writing so this sight is like perfect for me cause i love reading other peoples work to. i am a directioner, i love them i also love union J!!! i like tons of music but i dont like t-swift (no offense to the ppl that like her) anyway i love everyone who reads my stories!!!
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    Hey guys so ill update tomorrow I've been having a hard time for the PSAT few days my boyfriend is in Canada and I really miss him and life hasn't been easy so ill update tomorrow :)
    so ive noticed that all the imagines have started to disapear if they are dirty or something and i dont like that so im gonna start do some :) read the first chapter to find out what to do :)
  • Sparklegurl

    mumbled "sorry"

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    so i havent been writting for a while and i feel really bad about that... i have been really busy and i took down my stories for now so i can work on them in private but i promise ill get one upp soom im not sure which one but i will start writing again... also i have a new idea for a story so that will hopefully be out soon. i hope i dont dissapoint with my stories ill be working on them for the next few days then get one back up :)
  • Sparklegurl
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    The big mix up :)
    Midnight in Manhattan
    Midnight in Manhat...
    Kailey is an 18 year old girl who just moved to New York. Manhattan to be exact. She doesn't know it yet, but she will meet the most famous singer in the world at the most unexpected time, at the most...
  • Sparklegurl
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    You haven't updated in forever :(
    The Place I Once Called Home
    The Place I Once...
    Tia grew up in Kent, where she lived with her aunt Kelly since she was 16, after her parents died in a car crash. At the age of 18 she moved the London, and for once she felt like everything was falling...
    6 years ago
    I know! I've been really busy lately but I'm planning on updating both my movellas soon.
  • Sparklegurl
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    This is a good story I like the plot so far and can't wait to see what happens
    The Masked Murderer ** Cancelled**
    The Masked Murdere...
    Maya would have continued her boring life until her 21st birthday came around. If she didn't meet them, she wouldn't be where she is now(sorry the first chapter is boring, it's just the story unfolding...
    Thanks you so much :) That's means a lot
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