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You only live life once, but if you do it just right, once is just enough :)
Born and raised in the state of Nebraska! corn husker! I love softball, one direction (obviously), and love the divergent series the best! i love kesha! animal is one of my fav songs of her! i have an istagram 3mily_Elizabeth anddddd kik: EmilyS0967

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    mumbled "sequel to "No Choice""

    the name of the second book to no choice is... (drum rolllllllllll)........ Our Choice (applause). haha i have already made the cover, and i have some people lined up as characters. (Niall is taken) well.. thats all for now..
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    mumbled "No Choice sequel??? anybody?"

    okay, so if anone wants me to continue the book "No Choice" can you please comment? i dont want to publish the second book if no one will read it... so please comment :) thankz!
    6 years ago
    You should!! Loved no choice!!
  • Spence-woods
    omg i loveee it!!! most update asap! :)
    Alexis Brinley has to move from her home town in Texas to an unfermiliar town in Jersey where she doesn't know anyone but what'll happen when she meets a curly haired, green eyed boy?
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