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Uh... Hi! I have squishy cheeks and they help me to sing 5sos songs, so I am truly grateful for that!

I love:
5 Seconds of Summer
One Direction

They are amazing and I love them SO much! Please read my upcoming fanfics... Thanks!

Oh! And "when in doubt, peace and pout!"

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    mumbled "Updates for you "

    hey, I know I haven't been on much, but I'd like you all to know that if you'd like me to update a specific book then just ask me (post on my wall) and then I'll get to it ASAP. And thank you all for the amount of reads and comments on my current Movellas. Happy to know you're all enjoying them! ily xx

    P.S. I have an account on Wattpad
    Username: SquishyCalumCheeks

    My fanfics are updated more frequently on Wattpad :)
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    mumbled "Up to Chapter 9 "

    Ok! People reading Angel Meets Rebel, this is for you! I have put up three more chapters, so let's hope it keeps you busy for a little while! thanks ily xx
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    mumbled "JET BLACK HEART"

    Oh my God, you won't believe how emotional I got after watching that music video... I almost died.
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    hey, i have recently joined Movellas. i really enjoy writing fanfiction and it would help so much if i could get more readers and maybe followers... just so i dont feel like a total loser that is pretty much writing books with one comment and had 3 fans... #sadlife
    5 years ago
    Heyo, I'm not a fanfiction reader, but often you'll get more reads, comments, and fans by talking to people and commenting on others' movellas too :)
    Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated! :)