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The Power of Words

by , Tuesday July 30, 2019
 The Power of Words

Words are the most powerful weapon we have on this planet. Used correctly they can change the world we live in. Dictatorships and governments, who want to control their citizens, limit the words they receive from the world with an iron fist. They censor, ban or call them out as fake in order to stop ideas getting through to the masses. They all know how potent words can be.

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  • Dreaming of Tomorrow

    mumbled "Merry Christmas"

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    Hey, just a message to all movellians out there, Have a very good christmas. Been missing in action for a few months due to circumstances beyond my control. (my friends will know). Should be back in the new year ready to write.

  • Dreaming of Tomorrow
    Good short story, nice vocabulary at times. Thanks for sharing :)
    The Light through the Darkness
    The Light through...
    Sarah tries to get over a major life changing event and finds a job as a lifeguard. The first sight of one of the other guards has her head turned and getting to know him is way easier than she anticipated....
  • Dreaming of Tomorrow

    mumbled "#NaNoWriMo2019"

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    Only one month to go before NaNo is upon us again. Who is taking part this year?
    Dreaming of Tomorrow
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    Not written a word in months, apart from on blogs. Really want to do a rewrite of a old story, so maybe its time to resurrect that idea. Fitting in with work is going to be difficult but will try.

    Good luck to you both :)
    Le Fox
    11 months ago
    Hopefully participating this year, if uni doesn't screw me over - anyone know if the movellas nano race is happening again?
    10 months ago
    So ready to edit my novel from last yesr
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