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You can constantly find me with my nose in a book or me on my iPod. My favorite thing I own is an antique typewriter along with my own personal library (I probably have about 500 books). I love anime and have an anime group here on movellas(you are welcome to join!). Something about me that is maybe a little quirky is that I don't like to borrow library books, my friends tell me I'm crazy but I swear I can just smell the people's hands on the books as my nose is inches away; well that and I have found one too many nasty "Substances" like for example a piece of salami as a bookmark (yes that actually happened). So I'm a little weird and a little (well a lot) blonde.
I love to write and its not just some simple thing for me, its something I would love to do for the rest of my life. I hope to write my own books in the future and proudly stamp my name on them. I'm an American and I will be turning 17 this year (2014). Although I don't particularly like negative comments I still would like to know if you didn't like it and maybe a why. I love when people try to take part in stories and give me a few suggestions as to the story line, in the near future I hope to write something fun with my followers deciding all that happens so hopefully it will be an interactive fun thing. Wow now I'm just rambling but that's me. if you ever want to surprise the crap out of me just address me as SJ and I will be like wow they are psychic!
So read my books, hope you like them. And I always look at movellas when asked just so you know, thanks for reading!

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    hey I started a great new anime!

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    hey guys I just started "The Familiar of Zero" its really good (: I recommend it to anybody, its kinda like harry potter but with a girl as the main character named Louise. its pretty good. if youre interested give it a chance. has anybody else seen this? just curious (:
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    hey guys! it would be great if we could get some discussions going, just start a discussion by using your favorite anime as a topic and let it blossom, who knows maybe you can meet some really cool people from other places in the world. Like me for example, I live in Michigan in the USA (: so lets try to be a little more interactive k guys?
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    Very strong imagery, I feel as though her emotions are jumping off the page at me. Please continue this I like (:
    Unseen Destiny
    Unseen Destiny
    ~~~There are things out there that only the invited know about~~~ Her name is Wik. Her mother killed herself and left her with a father who doesn't want her, but nobody else will...
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