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18, 5 years a movellan, proud writer and girlfriend. Met boyfriend on this site, and not just on this site but got to meet him in person because of all you wonderful people. Learning, Senior, 2020-2023 Stout Student

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    mumbled "Suprise!!"

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    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GUESS WHAT!!! I Posted my working progress Story!!! Please give me fedback about how to fix things or message me on if you want to revise it and i'll invited you to my google doc for this story!! Hope you enjoy my first 4 chapters!! Enjoy and thnak you movellas for my 5 years of experience on here
    10 months ago
    lol, no i was just trying to respond to them XD
    10 months ago
    Ok though But it was really funny
    10 months ago
    ok and i am fine and it is virginia
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