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I am a passionate writer with a MAGICAL LOVEEE for One Direction. I try to update when I can. I'll try to update on Mondays and on the weekends. That'll make your Mondays better! Haha. I am also a childish, sarcastic, sassy, but sweet person. :D Hope you enjoy my profile or movella OR WHATEVER!!! Hehe. BAIII!!!
OH! My name used to be candycexl1 so, if your lost, IM STILL HERE!

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    Is it true that you bought this book?
    Slave Auction
    Slave Auction
    ***Announcement: It would mean so much if you supported me and bought this book on Amazon.com called The Last Girl by Riley Shasteen! Thanks<3*** *The complete version of this story is on Amazon.com,...
    5 years ago
    I bought this book? I don't know what that means... I wrote it
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    My Brother's Bandmate
    My Brother's Bandm...
    Jenna Lucy Styles. Harry Stlye's sister. The one who was hidden from the press for her entire life. 16 years of hiding, only knowing a few people. One Direction are sweet. They come to my apartment where...
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    You Can't Control Me!
    You Can't Control...
    (Grace is a 100% made up sibling) Grace Tomlinson is Louis Tomlinson of one direction's sister. She is forced to go live with her brother and the other boys. One rule. And I quote Louis' words "You best...
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