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    mumbled "UPDATE: Aquamarine and Doctor Who"

    Well just an update, I have not taken AQUAMARINE down as the numbers are creeping up and I will get back to writing some more, I kind of lost my way a little with it but more of the poems are coming now so I will see where we go. Also can I ask, as I always do if anyone out there want me to carry on with the Doctor Who story. I decided that I would only do that if I got feedback but alas non as of yet so not sure what to do with that. Also please feel free to ask any questions about the projects or my writing as I love to answer questions from people.
    Stay safe, Stay happy, stay yourself because you are wonderful!
    many thanks,
    stu :-)

    mumbled "FAN FICTION"

    I have posted the start of my first ever fan fiction on here. SO if your into Doctor who and Strange creatures check it out. If you like it I will continue on. I have a plan for a story for each doctor :-)

    mumbled "NOT SURE"

    I'm thinking of taking down Aquamarine. I am not sure it has gone the way I first envisioned in my mind. I can not make up my mind if I should just carry on or take it down and scrap it. I love some of it but then I think it's just rubbish. grrr bloody writers mind in full throttle here!

    mumbled "aquamarine update!"

    Hi people, I have put the next part of aquamarine up. I know I keep on asking but If you are reading please can you give me some feed back, good or bad! it really does help guys. If you have any questions about the project please ask anything is ok.


    HI PEOPLE, I have been busy today writing in the garden on a glorious day. I have updated Aquamarine, plus also working on a novel that may or may not end up on here. Can I ask also please that anyone reading AQUAMARINE give me a little feedback, even if it is to say you hate it!, everything helps. my first volume of poetry "DARK DOG" IS NEARLY AT TEN THOUSAND VIEWS WOW! (THANKS GUYS)
    anyway Its time to feed my guinea pigs, so take care and keep writing!
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