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Hi everybody! I am just another girl, aspiring to be a writer-who here isn't? :P But i would totally totally appreciate your constructive criticism on my work and i would be happy to return the favour . :) hope y'll enjoy my writing! im working on a supernatural fanfiction (winchester brothers heart heart) and if you all like it,please comment and ill continue. thank you all! :D

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    Info needed please!

    Hey y'all! Could anyone please please tell me about the non-UK entrants/winners of the spookiest stories competition? the details said that non-UK winners would also be entertained but so far there is nothing on the blog. Also, is the criteria for winning, number of likes/comments/faves the movella gets or something else?
    Nina :)
    8 years ago
    I thinks winners have already be informed if they won or not. Your story gets judged on its quality although the occasionally takes likes, comments and favourites into consideration. If you aren't from the UK you can still enter and if you are a winner, sometimes you may get different prizes than UK winners. :)
    8 years ago
    thank you so much Nina! so the non-UK winners have been informed right?
  • Supernaturalgirl
    awesome awesome awesome!! :D such an unexpected twist with aimee! keep writing!
    When Kayla decides to move in with her mum, leaving her Dad behind, she thinks it's going to be just like the old days. Determined to have a better life, she sets off, wanting to start over. But once she's...
  • Supernaturalgirl
    Oh man! do go on!!! :P im hooked! :) how does beth make it through her heartache?
    Mere Coincidence or Pure Fate?
    Mere Coincidence...
    Elise and her friend Hadley are moving in with there friend Beth who lives in London while in the line at Starbucks in the airport Elise finds herself dancing with Louis, but all of the sudden she is pulled...
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