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If your having a bad day put on your crown and remind people who they are dealing with

  • GoodVibes23

    mumbled "Mean girls "

    5 years agoReply

    Who wants to create the antoganist in my story (mean girl)
    Liked and favorite Barely Human
    Tell 1 person about it

    How to enter:
    Comment on Barely Human with the character description

    Winner gets a shout out

    Character description includes:
    Character (mean obviously)
    Relations with other characters (Sister, brother, ex, teacher, ect)
    First apperancee scene
  • GoodVibes23

    mumbled "AHHHHGHHHH!!!"

    5 years agoReply
    272 VIEWS IN 1 DAY!!!!! I know this wont be that big for other people but seriosly guys thanks! love u all (After 1 minute of staring in shock before i started screaming and jumping up and down) Oh and if you guys can, can u pass my book on and have people read it?

    lyl- Goodvibes
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