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I am 16 years old, love Harry Potter, Divergent, Percy Jackson, and many other fandoms. :)

I will try to update stories as quickly as possible but I do have school and sports, but I will try and update every weekend. I am taking an all honors load and 2 AP classes (college courses in High School) so it coul be a while inbetween updates. Please be patient.

Please enjoy my stories :) Also, I have more stories on my Fanfiction account, please look for swimmjacket.

And DISCLAIMER: I don't own any character, plot, setting or book. I am not Rick Rioden, J.K. Rowling or Veronica Roth.

  • swimmjacket

    mumbled "Help: Writer's Block"

    6 years agoReply
    Hey, help me out with the Percy/Harry crossover. i have hit some major writers block and need help. I am open to any ideas. As the teachers say "There are no wrong answers"
    Annabeth Fett
    6 years ago
    Same with mine
    Le Fox
    6 years ago
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    You could make so Clarrisse and Draco have a massive fight .And then Nico could try to summon Loly and James but exhaust himself and collapse.
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