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Hello, my name is Sara.

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•Home by Gabrielle Aplin
•Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez
•Words as Weapons by Birdy
•In Her Music Box by Atmosphere

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My current Movellas goal:
210 fans ^_^ ~I made a huge goal of a 200 fans! Thank you so much!

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  • Let's Runaway [Complete-Short Story]
    Let's Runaway [Com...
    by Aras
  • House of Craziness
    House of Craziness
    by Aras
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    mumbled "Possibly...Leaving"

    6 years agoReply
    So, I don't know how to say this, but I'll be blunt. I'm thinking of leaving Movellas. So, I obviously have a reason for why I'm thinking of leaving. I'm not sure if it's a good reason, but, it's what I'm thinking.

    So, I have recently created a Wattpad account, if you didn't know. My account is: NotAnEasyLife. I'm just starting up on there, but I have done my research and I know that Wattpad will give me more of an opportunity to get published. Getting published is a huge goal of mine, and wherever that goal can be accomplished, I will go to.

    I love Movellas so, so, so much, but I honestly think it's time. Now, I'm sure you're probably thinking: Wait a sec?! It says on your profile that you've only been on Movellas since January 2nd?! That's not a long time at all!

    Okay, there are two things I need to clear up. First off, I actually signed up on January 1st, New Years Day. But, I believe that because of the time it was at my house, and the time it was in Europe where Movellas started out, it was already the second there. Secondly, I've known about Movellas since October 2013, I just didn't sign up until January, so technically, It's almost been a year. xD

    I have unpublished quite a few of my books, and I may un publish the remaining two, but please follow me on Wattpad! I will be doing serious writing on there! I'm 99.9% sure that I won't be doing FanFiction on there, but I will be doing fiction! ;)

    So, life will be going by quickly so if I decide to stay on, I will only be on probably every two months. :( Yeah, unfortunately I'm going to be moving a bit more fast pace on Wattpad. But, we'll see where I end up!

    I love you all so so so much and I thank you for all the support that you have given me, and maybe tomorrow I'll post my decision, or later today. I feel extremely guilty, and I'm truly sorry for just putting this out there. I want to thank each and every one of you for getting me to the goal of 200 fans, and even reaching me to two extra fans!

    Please follow me, and contact me on Wattpad! And again, thanks so much to all of you! ;)


    -Aras xx ;)
  • Aras
    6 years agoReply
    Haha! That's funny
    How Did We End Up Here?
    How Did We End Up...
    Have you ever had that one experience that you can never forget? Caroline Elizabeth Kingston has. Caroline is a normal teenage girl by day, but a famous tumblr blogger and a writer at night, who goes...
  • Aras

    mumbled "Soooo... "

    6 years agoReply

    I've been thinking about this for awhile, and I've finally decided that I'm going to do it. I am going to be taking a break from Movellas...for a month. This is a decision that I am making on my own terms. I am not leaving Movellas! No, I'm not leaving. I just need a break. Hopefully, you all understand.

    While I'm away, I may create a Wattpad account, and if I do I will post my account username on my bio, so you can follow me over there too. I'm not sure, though. I've got some really big thoughts for a new book, on my mind, but I'm deciding whether or not I will be posting it on here. I may take down a few, or all my books, and I apologize for that, but I need to get them sorted out.

    Please don't take this personally, and un-fan me! I'm doing this on my own accounts, and it has nothing to do with any one on this sight. If you see that I am online while I'm taking my break, it's just cause I'll be fixing my books up.

    I love you all, and stay strong through this drama that's been going on. Keep your head up, and your smile big! And always make sure that your eyes are open! ;D

    -Aras <3
    6 years ago
    I noticed when you took a break, cause at the time I was reading your book Silence and I kept trying to think why you weren't updating! ;) Thanks! I've got a lot to think about, but maybe we can keep in touch! ;)
  • Aras
    6 years agoReply
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    Oh my gosh! Those chapters (& this story) are just so touching! Please add more!! And don't let her die. Nope! I'm making that decision! Lol! ;D
    Dying Wish
    Dying Wish
    People say cancer makes you depressed, makes you want to give up, there's nothing that can make you feel stronger or alive. Maybe that's true, maybe its not. For me its not true. Sometimes you have that...
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