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Hey there people! I am Willow and I am part British part American. I leave a pretty average life except for the fact I spend sooooo much time on Movellas and the computer in general.

Favorite Quotes: Marvelous! You're going to kill me. What a finely tuned response to the situation.

Vuja De: The strange feeling you get when that nothing has happened before

  • Swirling Moon
    thanks so much! these are some friends I've had for a while
    Poetry Collection Starring Elva, and Asak the Golden
    Poetry Collection...
    I'm trying to gather some of the Movella writers that I have enjoyed their work and see be quite successful yo write a group of poems for you all to enjoy.
  • Swirling Moon

    mumbled "Short Stories"

    So for the short stories it will be somewhat like super art fight (if you've ever seen that). You all will give random nouns, characters, settings, topics, anything and I have to write and 100 or more word story including these subjects. Thank you for helping out, Willow
    7 years ago
    Hey Swirling Moon! Apologies I didn't accept your request, as I have lots on the go at the minute, but i'm really greatful that you decided to ask, so thank you.
    Maybe some time in the future!
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