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Different writing, but same meaning; my name.

Well, what a weird intro that was, I apologize for my lack of skills when it comes to writing bios.

I suppose I'm just a normal 17 years old female living in Florida, who loves to write fanfictions on One Direction, sometimes Justin Bieber.

Would appreciate it if you read my first story EVER; No I'm Not Related To Zayn, I update every single day.

Fan me? I always fan back. And have fun reading here on Movellas!

  • tastedazaynbow

    mumbled "Goddamn you Movellas"

    So the original book cover I made was... too big for Movellas to accept apparently, I had to literally crop half of it out, and my name as well. Ugh, I spent five minutes working on that name ALONE!
    6 years ago
    Can i just ask - what did you use to make it ?
    6 years ago
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    Photoshop :)
    6 years ago
    Thanks , love the story btw :)
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