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5sos is love, life and laughs. If 5sos was a drug I would be overdosing ♥️ I'm not anyone's girl because I can't chose who I love more, so I guess they'll have to choose who gets me ����

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    The Boys Playboy Bunny
    The Boys Playboy...
    "Its name is enough to strike temptation into the heart of any aspiring young girl." ~ Chelsea wanted a successful career, though she is on the verge of homelessness. One thing leads to another and...
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    This is my favourite fanfic of ALL TIME. And I've been reading for a while, actually addicted please update soon or I will die. Again it's AMAZING and I can't find any other fanfics like it so I'm just patiently waiting for your update xxxx��
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    Love it, plz update ��
    How Did We End Up Here?
    How Did We End Up...
    Have you ever had that one experience that you can never forget? Caroline Elizabeth Kingston has. Caroline is a normal teenage girl by day, but a famous tumblr blogger and a writer at night, who goes...
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    Hey I love your playboy Movella!!! Just wondering if u knew any other novellas or Wattpad books that were in similar style to this? I'm addicted to this kind of genre but there isn't many that I can find :/
    Reckless Reject ➸
    Hey there! ��
    I only have Movellas but I have a few suggestions that are my favourites, I'm not sure if you'll like them but I certainly do!
    - living by his rules by banana milkshake
    - I like the drummer by xprettierthanyoux
    - Too close by A.HC
    - That one class by Choco locco
    - You can't heal my scars by broken features
    - Falling for the enemy by xPrettierthanyoux
    - Bad boy by _SJ_
    - Falling for Hood by Helen Hood
    - Fighting for you by Helen Hood
    I hope you like these! X
    3 years ago
    THANK YOU, I'll definitely check them out xo
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