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Ero I am #TeamWatermelon. I usually have nothing to say in the description box. I just put random crap in here. So,um,I am a girl who is a fan of many bands/people. Such as One Direction,Little Mix,Maroon 5,Adele,Demi Lovato, and Cher Lloyld. I love to write and read. People say I'm weird for reading,but I know their just jealous that they can't read a novel in a day. I am in the 6th grade. How I hate. Thank,god I have my amazing friends. I have no idea what I'd do without them. My school life is pretty normal for any girl at a crappy school. Horrid teachers,people spreading rumors, and the horrible lunches. I also have a passion for YouTube. I'm a Pewdiepie all day everyday type of person. I also love Minecraft. I could play on it all day if I really wanted to.
Follow me on Instagram: @The_Team_4_Watermelon
and my fan acc. @thisnameistaken14
I will try to update everyday,but I make no promises.

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    Can't wait for more!=)
    It's Not the Same
    It's Not the Same
    Bri has been blogger her whole teen life. She never thought that she would get the chance to make a 'real' living at it. But when the opportunity came for her to blog for the worlds most famous boyband...
    KayCee K
    5 years ago
    Thank you for reading more coming today!
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    I bow down to you talking about how rape isn't love. I (being a direction) hate reading fanfiction that contains rape and the (like you said) lead girl falls in love with 1/5. I watch a lot of Law and Order SVU (wanting be a detective myself) which contains plenty of victims being raped and/or murdered. And the ones that aren't murdered and are rescued by the police never live a normal life afterwards. And I could go on talking,but I'm going to stop before I drag this on for too long.
    Case Closed: Rants
    Case Closed: Rants
    Too Much. One Direction. RP Accounts. Noticed It? Two Words. Big Difference. I didn't know what I wrote. So, I'll tell you something. If you can't handle The Truth, backspace NOW. The rest- Welcome.
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    Breath 》Larry a.u
    Breath 》Larry a.u
    [SHORT STORY] Harry was barely breathing, diagnosed with lung cancer. Louis was barely alive, diagnosed with deep depression. Who would've thought that their love for each other would make their cold heart...
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    Did I mention you should update?
    The Office // On Hold
    The Office // On...
    19 year old Beth Robbins has the perfect life as some say. A job at Starbucks, great friends, and a bright future. Little does everyone know, she hides her real life in a rather convincing smile. When...
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