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  • Terra Dryad
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    Terra Forme

    Black hair, electric-blue eyes, tall, pale, cute, usually wears black and a palette of blues.
    Just arrived with Amore Vulcana and Ignis Blaze.
    Staff with a 4ft 10" shaft of obsidian, topped with a lotus flower made of ivory. Inside the flower is a smoky, electric-blue orb. The staff has the power of creating blue arcs of electricity. The staff was a gift from his best friend who was a daughter of Zeus before she was struck down helping Terra and the other demigods arriving at camp.
    Stone-cold after just losing his best friend, but softens up slightly, not wanting her to have died in vain. He is a bit of an 'automatic flirt' with girls due to being the son of Love, but doesn't like to lead girls on and dislikes his father for this trait.
    A Real Camp-Half Blood - Open -
    A Real Camp-Half...
    This is like The Real Hunger Games! Except Camp-Half Blood btw the authors of The real hunger games are Cambie Shadownight and Kennedy Shadownight ( hope I spelled all of that right ) anyway yeah please...
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    Haha I like this one! Okay thank you for commenting.
    Victoria Raven
    6 years ago
    Reminds me of Luke.

    But that is very cool.
  • Terra Dryad
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    Awesome story so far, guys.

    Long, silver hair, dark, purple eyes, tall, pale, slender, usually wears black skinny jeans, purple converse and purple long sleeved shirt.
    Fierce (Because of what happened in first chapter)
    Great Hearing
    Good aim with weapons
    Sexual Orientation:
    Bi Sexual
    Forgive Me
    Forgive Me
    Seven months ago there was a virus outbreak in some sort of lab. For reasons unknown at the time, a handful of people started going crazy, trying to eat anyone who came to close. They were put in asylums...
  • Terra Dryad
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    Full Name: Terra Dryad
    Nick Name: Nature Boy
    Age: 18
    District: 7
    Family: Parents are long since dead, only child.

    Tall w/ strong build.
    Weapon: Swords and spears. Expert w/ axes. However, he will only fight if his life absolutely depends on it (He will fight in the games, but otherwise is extremely passive)
    Personality: Awkward, nervous, shy, kind, can be fierce, caring, trustworthy and understanding though very misunderstood.
    Skills: Hand-to-hand combat, running, climbing, swimming and hunting.
    Allies: Would like to team with the pair from 3.
    Would also like to ally with Kartic Dukes from 2, but was too nervous to talk to her.
    Enemies: None. (Doesn't like to argue)
    Reaping Cirucumstances: Was reaped, no-one volunteered.
    Score: 7 (Didn't have enough reason to exercise his skills, so he didn't show much apart from strength).
    89th Annual Hunger Games
    89th Annual Hunger...
    It's years since Katniss and Peter won the Hunger Games and everything has returned to what it used to be before the resurrection of District 13. It is now time for the 89th Annual Hunger Games and so...
  • Terra Dryad
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    Name:Terra Dryad
    District: 5
    Age: 18
    Tall w/ strong build.
    Personality: Awkward, nervous, shy, kind, can be fierce, caring, understanding and trustworthy.
    Back Story: Parents are long since dead, trains in hand-to-hand combat and with swords, knives and spears. Will fight only when his life depends on it (So he will fight in the games, but, in his district, he is extremely passive)
    Volunteer: No
    You and The Hunger Games
    You and The Hunger...
    *Credit to all who did this before me. * Have you ever wanted to be in the Hunger games? Well now you can.
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