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    I'm sorry I wasn't on for a while!
    Dear Lilac
    Dear Lilac
    Lilac has lived in foster homes for at least five years. She wouldn't talk all she would do was stay isolated in her room she sits in the back of the room in class and she is communicating with her soul...
    7 years ago
    how come someone deleted it all the chapters?!?!?
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    mumbled "BOOK COVER"

    Hell my Luvs If anyone needs a book cover for anything on here wattpad whatever email me at tessaramsey35@yahoo.com and tell me what its for or what the books about and I will find a perfect picture to use and then email it to you, or if you already have a good cover you can email it to me and I will just make it look a bit better.

    remember tessaramsey35@yahoo.com

    Here is a pic I fixed up
    Tessa ramsey
    7 years ago
    I meant Hello I am sorry aboute that
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