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My name is Alexis and I'm from the UK. Try to stalk me, I dare you! Haha, just kidding.

I love writing teen fictions. I haven't really been writing for that long so watch out, my movellas will probably suck. Haha!

I'm working on a teen fiction and its called "Once School Is Over".
By the way, I fan back but not roleplay accounts. Sorry :)

  • That Girl ❤

    mumbled "Once School Is Over"

    I'm planning on writing a new movella and its going to be a teen fiction!
    Do what the photo says! Comment comment comment! I need you (That's right, you right there) now!!!
    Mrs Luke Brooks
    7 years ago
    Name: Alexia [Lexi] Weaks
    Eye colour: blue with a hit of red
    Hair colour: rosewood violet
    Nationality:Australian, Italian and British
    Personality traits: Hypo, crazy, badass yet lovable, funny and wild
    what guy i want: Ryan
    7 years ago
    Cloe Smith
    Vibrant emerald green
    Ginger nut/ Auburn
    Irish, Italian
    Funny, shy, calm, self conscious, friendly, patient, helpful, independent, bookwork, nerdy, passionate

    тнє ƒυтυяє мяѕ. ѕтуℓєѕ
    Eden Farrar
    Brown Eyes
    Long straight Brown Hair
    Indigenous Aboriginal/Australian
    Funny, Out there, Friendly, helpful, Caring, Independent, Passionate, Talented.. sweet when it comes to boys xxxxx
    and i would love Alexander

    Thank you, Alexis?
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