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✧ мy anхιeтy ιѕ нιgнer тнan yoυr eхpecтaтιonѕ ✧

✧ ι нave no lιғe ✧

✧ ι ѕнιp вυllѕнιт ✧

✧ ιғ ι can'т нave тнeм , тнey can нave eacн oтнer ✧

✧ тop lιaм ѕтanѕ вc zaynѕ a ѕмol
ĸιттen ✧

yoυ can call мe...

❁мalec'ѕ вιтcн ❁

❁zιaм'ѕ wнore❁

❁rarl'ѕ ѕlυт❁

❁larry'ѕ нoe❁

or jυѕт gaιl ◕‿ ◕

  • smolsized

    mumbled "Nope not going to check and see what's making the noise"

    5 years agoReply
    Its 5:21AM and I'm watching dance moms haven't slept yet and I'm hearing foot steps and I'm home alone O.O nope
  • smolsized

    mumbled "its 3:05 am but im watching spn "

    6 years agoReply

    im sleepy but i cant stop now
    비니 콩
    6 years ago
    I am watching five nights at Freddy's... I NEED TO STOP but I'm doing the 'Can't Stop. Won't Stop'
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