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  • The Hidden Shadow

    mumbled "It's funny"

    It's funny how something can change so quickly. You know what else is funny, the fact that the people who never want you to be hurt are the ones who regrettably do so on accident. It's funny how something so innocent can seem so sharp and hurtful at times. And the funniest thing of all is that they never find out or realise that they have hurt that person.
  • The Hidden Shadow

    mumbled "Have you ever?"

    Have you ever wanted to be emotionless, just to see how it would be? Have you ever wanted to be something better and bigger? Have you ever wanted to have magical powers and help save people (and the world)? Have you ever made a secret vow to yourself? Have you ever just laid in bed and dreamed for as long as you could? Have you ever wrote a letter to someone powerful, in your mind? Have you ever just sat back and looked at how your life has gone? Have you ever wondered how different your life could have been? Have you ever doubted yourself? Have you ever hurt someone? Have you ever been scared? And lastly, have you ever wondered how everyone is answering and asking themselves these questions as well as so many more?
    5 years ago
    All of the above, except the first one because I am basically dead inside.
  • The Hidden Shadow

    mumbled "Realisation"

    I've realised something today, not something large and amazing but something so small and yet so powerful and overused: perception. In this world there is so many perceptions, some great and some not so great but the important thing is, perception can change everything. Sadly that means perception can also change things for the worse as well as for good. Today I've realised that no matter what someone does and says the other person is almost always wrong. Lately I've adapted to a new perception, neither good nor bad. This perception allows me to realise that I as well as so may other people need to step up. We need to step up so our lives can be better, so others lives can be better and so we as a community can actually be proud. Lately I've realised I've had no motivation and all I've done is complain and whine and today I've realised I want that to change. Quiero vivir la vida al máximo y hacer una diferencia. Therefore from today I'm going to change and I am going to learn, grow strong and actually try because I know one day in the future I might just be able to help and maybe just maybe, make a difference.
  • The Hidden Shadow

    mumbled "I saw everyone do it and so I did"

    My name, my name is not important, for who I portray to people is different to the person I am.
    Me, I'm The Hidden Shadow.
    I love to read, to see the world.
    But I've never travelled many places.
    I tried to learn different languages.
    But I've never learnt a whole second language.
    I want to be smart, unique, indestructible and so much more.
    But I'm not incredibly smart or unique. And I may seem calm headed and indestructible but I'm not.
    I want to make a difference and keep people happy and smiling.
    Yet I'm only young and I still don't quite know how to make that difference.
    And how can I make others smile when sometimes smiling is the only way I can hide what is beyond.
    I'm a loyal friend and a trustworthy person. I'm wise and I always try my best to help out in any situation.
    Yet sometimes it would be nice for someone to listen and be there for me as I am for them, however I guess I never show the side which I hid.
    I use to have anger problem but finally they are gone.
    Now I'm one of the most calm headed people you can meet apart from the odd occasion.
    I have a 'unique' family: many reasons why they are 'unique'.
    My family makes me who I am today.
    Maybe in the future I can become someone great.
    Maybe not.
    I would love to get a tattoo in the future yet I can't stand any little amount of pain.
    I wouldn't say I'm popular but I have a good amount of friends.
    I say I want to do so many things yet fear holds me back.
    I'm sensible but sometimes too much so.
    I'm 14 yet every grown up I've met says I act older than I am.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is:
    I may seem like one person but I am two. I am glad to be both people. And I don't care what other people think about me. I am who I am and I will never change for someone. I may want many things but getting those things will be hard. And more than anything I'm not who I seem yet I am glad with who I am.
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