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I have too many fandoms to list, so lets just say, I'm a fangirl who loves to share her fangirliness with the world.
American, living in germany. Currently I do some fanfiction, but hope to put out some more stuff of my own. Working on a lot right now, so I don't update my old fan-fics very much.
Here's the youtube channel I share with another Movellian -
We hav a few videos relating to books but mainly music and comedy videos.
I a part of the WandArrow family check them out!
Update: I have a new fandom-related YouTube Channel called "Magical Mortals" (in addition to my old channel "bri hanz") so go check that out!

  • Hannah WandArrow

    mumbled "Is anyone reading?"

    Hey guys! So, you might have noticed a lack of updates on
    Lilli Skywalker - So I'm a Jedi...Lilli Skywalker: Hannah WandArrow Lilli Wilson never fit in on Earth. She has a terrible adoptive family, and no one seems to understand her. When a boy...

    We've been pretty busy this year, but if you want we'll make it a priority to keep updating. Does anyone miss the regular chapter updates?
  • Hannah WandArrow

    mumbled "Uplifting story suggestions?"

    Hey guys. I've been feeling pretty down lately, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for Movellas that might cheer me up?
  • Hannah WandArrow
    Hey! I need another cover, and I loved the last one you made me.

    Title: The Chipper Flipper and the Civil Cynic Save Sunnyvale. Sort Of.

    Author: Hannah WandArrow

    Blurb: A few weeks ago, Eiko took it upon herself to become “The hero that Sunnyvale deserves.” I told her she was crazy, but instead of telling me I was wrong, she launched into a long-winded explanation of the many (seven) crimes that took place over the past few months that she could’ve stopped.

    Ideas: It's a short story about two normal teenage girls who try to be super heroes. Maybe you could put the title in a superhero font/in a jagged speech bubble or something? Just make the cover comic-themed. Bright colors, sketchy designs, that sort of thing.

    The Amazing Cover Store
    The Amazing Cover...
    In need of a cover for your Movella? Well yeah this IS A COVER STORE and I would love to help!!!
    Hannah WandArrow
    3 years ago
    My favorite is the red one, third from the top. Sorry, I didn't realize the links would show up as images! :0
    3 years ago
    Hi, I see what type of background you want but I can't just use any image. I have to make sure the picture is free for use and that's it's not copyrighted. This is why I couldn't find any good images of comic backgrounds. Sorry!
    Hannah WandArrow
    3 years ago
    Okay, thanks anyways.
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    mumbled "Yuri on ice fanfics???"

    I've been binging on "Yuri on Ice" fanfiction so if any of y'all have some to recommend please comment!
    Also, if I wrote one would you guys read it?
    -Hannah WandArrow
    4 years ago
    I would love to, but I honestly don't think I have time right now D: Between college, work, and the co-author I'm doing for the competition with Jess, I don't think I'll be able to find enough time to write it :/ Rain check, maybe?
    Hannah WandArrow
    3 years ago
    @Prodigy That's fine, let me know if you ever have the time! I have so many YoI fanfic ideas and I'm trying to get them all down as soon as possible. :)
    3 years ago
    I definitely will!!!
  • Hannah WandArrow
    This. Perfection.
    Yuuri is ill, and decides to look through his old Viktor posters to cheer himself up. It's a good thing that Viktor's out at the rink all day, right? Right?
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