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I am a huge Twilight fan, seeing as my profile, background and username is related to Twilight. I love almost all books related to Twilight- fan fictions, the original books, etc.- except the ones where the writer put Bella or Edward with somebody else- because I'm a 100% Team Edward and I love Bella and Edward as a couple. I love wolves even though I especially hate Jacob Black, the werewolf from Twilight. There's a reason why New Moon was my least favorite book of the series, though there's a really good fan fiction on Wattpad by myriadofbeauties called Blood Moon.
I also like:
the Host
the Hunger Games
the Fault in Our Stars
the Delirium series
the Divergent series
the Mortal Instruments
Harry Potter
the Kane Chronicles
Percy Jackson
the Heroes of Olympus
Magnus Chase
the Maze Runner series
the WaterFire Saga
the Slated trilogy
I am very very fierce and protective of my ships and fandoms.
I update slowly due to school and other extra curricular courses but I enjoy music, writing and Language Arts a lot. It would be wonderful if you check out my stories.
I know I have started but not yet finished many books; I keep on coming up with awesome ideas that I had to write about. So sorry if the updates are not as frequent as you would like them to be.
Last but not least, thank you to each and everyone of you who read my books; it means a lot to me.

With much love and thanks,

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