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Hai, my name's Aurora!
District 4, my Hogwarts house is Slytherin my Faction is Erudite and my School is Coates Private School (Woo team Caine all the way!)
Current Favourite Author: Aunt Midnight Rogue :)

I think, if you guys want to know me better I might as well open up a bit.
I mostly look like I do in my profile picture (I've got blue eyes and my hair is actually dyed that colour :3 ), I'm tallish (My brother calls me lanky ;) ), I'm anorexic and have been for three years after I fell into a depression when my parents died (I am still attempting to get back on track with the help of my big bro <3 ) , I'm a loner (I don't really mind because its kind of peaceful) , I am a kind of sociopath and I was born on Halloween! :D Hope that helped you get to know me!

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    Pffffft, me? Asking inappropriate questions? Never... *Innocent Face*

    haha Anyways, I'm happy for ya and, yeah judging from your description of him, I think Megan would've liked him. He seems really nice :D

    Also, I heard of the 'Bread Sauce Incident'... XD Funny as all hell 10/10! Do I sense a prank war in the distance? >:D
    I failed her (True story... My story...)
    I failed her (True...
    I use to know a girl, back in year 9 at high school. Her name was Megan and I couldn't help her. I tried and tried but it wasn't enough. Sometimes I wonder if it WAS my fault. I failed her. I failed the...
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    Haha, nice try... We've been friends long enough for me to know what your like XD

    Thx, I'll let him know you approve. ^.^ Also, perhaps... I've already got a few tricks up my sleeve. :D
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    I'll try and take that as a compliment, ya butt <3

    You know you're gonna have to tell me more about him.... He still has to pass a few more tests for me to make sure he's good enough for my T-Bucket! *Totally joking... Aren't I...?* >:)
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    Anyone else fangirling? XD I'd like to gate crash the studio and give them all FRREEEEEEEE HUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    Molly Looby
    6 years ago
    I love the Inbetweeners XD
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    Is this still open to join? :D
    Write Off
    Write Off
    Welcome contestants to the first movella off Write Off (Pun of Face Off XD) so each week the 'Judges' (Ferretsrock982, Loki's Queen, and Peppermint_people88) Will give u a prompt. Write a Movella of at...
    Awesome! I'll get started straight away!
    I'll have to post it when I get home, though. I only have ten more minutes on the computer at school XD
    6 years ago
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    Having fun is a rule BTW ;D
    6 years ago
    U have till monday
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    mumbled "Woot!!!"

    50 Fans celebrations!!!
    I now have FIFTY Fayzlings!!! Woot! Woot!

    Anyone know what I should do to celebrate?
    C'mon ma little Fayzling, throw your ideas at me! (Try not to aim for my face as I have a bruise :/ )

    If I don't have any ideas by the time I get home, I'll resume my beloved Sarcasm posts >:) Muahahahaha!
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