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Hello! My name is Hannah and I’m a huge fan of HBO’s “Band of Brothers”. I don’t really like giving out personal info about myself, but I can tell you that I’m a student and I live in North America. I’ve been a huge fan of “Band of Brothers” ever since when I was in middle school. If you ask me who’s my favorite paratrooper, I would say “I have none, but I have a top 10.“

And this would be my list:

1) Eugene Roe ( he’s so precious! :3 )

2) Joseph Liebgott ( "Why We Fight” made me love him more… )

3) George Luz ( I love his humor…)

4) ‘Babe’ Heffron ( He’s really cute :3)

5) Carwood Lipton ( I just love him and his narration in “The Breaking Point” )

6) Bill Gaurnere ( His scarcasim is the exact same as my best friend )

7) Dick Winters ( He reminds me of my grandpa who’d passed away… Which is why I love him)

8) Lewis Nixion ( He reminds me of my dad- which I really love)

9) Richard Speirs ( He’s just a bad ass and that’s why I love him)

10) Donald Malarkey (He’s cool… I sent him a letter a while ago and I’m kinda waiting for a reply… If he doesn’t, that’s okay…)

Anyway, I am the founder of @hangtougheasy and @theparatroopergirl on Tumblr. I love to post things of World War Two era and “Band of Brothers” things. This blog is a personal one and I will share my opinion of what I think of “Band of Brothers” and a little bit on “The Pacific”.

Thanks for reading about me!

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    I'm almost down with the next chapter and I can't wait to post it! Does anyone want to make requests for ideas of the story? I'm all ears :D
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