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OMFG! It's been forever since I've been on this sight, please don't kill me. *hides under the bed*

While I've been off in Neverland, I realized that my writing sucked when I began writing on this site. I went back to reread all of my work and noticed how unrealistic is all is. I can not delete any of my old stories so please don't read them! I mostly write on Wattpad now because in Neverland Wattpad connects but not Movellas o.o
I now find Wattpad much more easy to write on so I'll be writing on there then posting the chapters onto here :D
I've matured very much as a writer and now I don't write fanfics and if I do they are A.U. and realistic. Realism is my favorite to write and most of it is very triggering and depressing, sorry it's just my style.
I'm sorry again for not posting.
I love you all <3
Stay Strong xx

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    mumbled "I'M BACK MY CHILDREN! "

    Hello Movellians! I am back and better than ever. My writing style has matured and changed a lot. Please do not read my old work *blushes* I wrote all of that a while ago and as I've said my writing and I have changed very much. Thank you guys for sticking through it all. I'll be posting my new work on here soon.. THANK YOU ALL! <3 xx
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    mumbled "I'm Back!"

    Oh mi gosh! I haven't been on in FOREVER!! I'M SO FRIGGIN SORRY! AHHH well you see my laptop stopped working so I had to beg my mum to get it fixed, it took a month to convince her then I had to send my old one then get my new one and then set this one up AND deal with a HUGEE school project.. long story short- PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!! Okay..

    Well just so everyone knows I probably with be stopping all my stories.. *screams and tries to bash my head in through the screen* All of my ideas, and flow and energy and interest in the have flew out the window.. BUT I will be starting a bunch of new stories along with the ones I have on Wattpad but they will be more mature, professional writing style. Okay this was a long note so BYEE!

    Oh and no more fanfics BYEEEEE!! xx
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    mumbled "5Sos "

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    So some may know today 12/2/13 is the second anniversary of 5Sos as a band. I'm so proud of the five boys- Michael, Luke, Callum and Ashton. I love them so much! 12/2/11 was the best day EVER! xx
    yeah apparently I can't count... Oppsies..typical me O.o
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    Okay so this is for the Catching Fire contest. I know it's short but it could only be a certain about of words. Once the contest is done I'll continue the story. What do you guys think???
    The Possiblity of No Tomorrow
    The Possiblity of...
    While everyone was engrossed into the third Quarter Quell no one noticed how things were getting worse and worse on District 12. Katniss is gone and may never come back to me. Mother is worried sick, as...
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