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•*• I Love One Direction Alot •*•
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I'm just A regular One Direction and 5SOS fan.
Me mum is Perrie me dad is Zayn
Go Read my book Happily Ever After's Suck, thanks -Fab
█10% Sophisticated
██20% Insane
███30% Weird O_o
████40% Emoticons
█████50% LOL
██████60% Music ♫
███████70% Fangirl
████████80% Art and Drawing
█████████90% Authoring
██████████100% Original :)

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Five Night's At Freddy's is the shit. Scaring me when I'm not looking DAMN U FREDDY DAMN YOU !!

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    Omfg thank you so so much YESSS. I can't thank you enough. Thank you❤️❤️������
    cover / banner store [closed]
    cover / banner sto...
    due to the many cover requests i've been getting, i've decided to make a cover store so your requests can go in there :) also, banners have now been included.
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