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don't stop and smell the roses,
you could have really bad allergies.

  • thrills
    6 years agoReply
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    yASSSSssSSSSsS I was waiting all night for this because you said you'd update soon and ever since then I've been wide awake and now IM so happy because it was worth staying up for omg <3
    omegle Β» h.s.
    omegle Β» h.s.
    [ lower case intended. cover credit to exoticβ™‘ ] "we talked for hours, and then i fell in love." All rights reserved. Β© inzayn
    inzayn β™‘
    6 years ago
    aw you didn't have to wait all night for my crappy update )-:
    6 years ago
    Crappy? This was the best chapter yet!!!!!!!!!!! Update
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