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Why hello there! My name is Tony I am a non-gay guy directioner. So yes you've hit the jackpot. I will write fan-fiction stories in a girls POV because girls are soooo much more descriptive and detailed. So yes.

I'm 17 and I have 6 siblings. A twin her name is Tiler. You might know her as Tilerbear on here. There's also Tansy, Tammi, Troy, Tabitha, and Taylor!

I also share a page on here with Tansy, Tiler, Tabitha, and Tammi; it's called Cinco Paletas! Which means Five Popsicles in Spanish \(^_^)/

I also share a page with my wifey, Bella. It's called Tarabella.

I am a Directioner, Emblem, Harmonizer, Mixer, Lovatic, Marooner, Sheerio,. I'm part of the 5SOS Fam, the Slash Gash Terror Crew (BOTDF's fans)!

Oh yeah and I live in Destin, Florida. So while it's winter and your all playing in the snow I'll be at the beach :D

If you ever feel like you don't matter and you're feeling worthless and horrible go listen to 'Brave' by Action Item because it will cheer you up! And don't feel like that cause I love you<3 Your all beautiful :)

Yeah, so if I ever sound like I'm gay it's cause I grew up with four sisters and two brothers. But idc if you think I'm gay cause in my head I know I'm not! But I would totally go gay for Jayy Von Monroe or Zayne DeTroia.

Twitter: @pumpiinbear
Facebook: Tony Montanna

My nickname for you is GORGEOUS POPSICLES!! Thank you, come again ^__^

(°>°) Because I am one of Felicity's Penguins :)

MarcelLover26(Allyson) is my babycakes

Orange Beanie is my Baby Beanie; no one elses! Just mines, because yes. :D

∞ ♡ Jenny Boo ♡ ∞ is my boobear and there is nothing you can say about it.

Starr<3 is my Bubble muffin, and it is what it is.

Bellabear is always going to be my Bellabear, because we're gonna get married and make beautiful babies!

Here are some hearts for you to show how much I love you!!!

░♥░░♥░░░▀█▀░▄██▄██▄░░▀█░░█▀▀▄░░░♥░░░ ♥░░░░░♥░░█░░▀█████▀░░░█░░█░░█░♥░░░♥░░ ░░♥░░♥░░▄█▄░░░▀█▀░░░░▄█▄░█▄▄▀░░♥░░░♥

Favorite Quote's:
"Winning is great; but winning when no one thought you would is AWESOME" ~Unknown
"If someone breaks your heart, punch them. Seriously. Punch them in the face and go get some ice cream." ~Frank Ocean.
"Sweet as sugar, hard as ice, hurt me once, I'll kill you twice." ~Jeffree Star

Favorite Movellas:
Beside You by Hellooooooooo!
Heartbreak Girls Are Bad Girls by LoveOfTheMusic and Hellooooooooo!
Somewhere In Neverland by Irwinsecure
Perrie's Little Teenager by Mrs.Payne
Perrie's Little Sister by Mrs.Payne
Midnight Memories by WinterHarry26

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken
An original is worth more then a copy
The best thing you can do is be you
Everyone has their own special talent, some just don't know what it is yet

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    7 years agoReply
    So, I haven't been on it like forevvaaaaa. But I'm here now sooo. I am very busy and I am trying my best to update stuff but I have no ideas-.-
    Buut, I am writing a new chapter to Yours, Mine, Ours, and Choose. And me and Bella are also working on a new chapter for I Miss You over on our page.
    So, yeah. I didn't die. I'm still here. And yeah.
    I'll go write those chapters now.
    7 years ago
    I made a new Diana story :3
  • Tonybear

    mumbled "Sorry._."

    7 years agoReply
    Ok. So I haven't been on in like a week.
    Which is my fault bc I am addicted to Twitter and I'm on it all the time. And I downloaded the game flappy bird, even thought everyone said not to, and I threw my phone across the room cause I kept dying at the same spot and I have a huge crack on my screen.
    SOOOO, I will go update some stories now.
    What is Adelaide???
    7 years ago
    This is Emily~ Email me back Tony! xD
  • Tonybear

    mumbled "Idea!"

    7 years agoReply
    Hey, so I thought of an idea for the story! I thought that in the story Harry could have another sister who is younger then him, but he told the other boys that they're not aloud to date her. But then she like secretly dates one of the boys.
    I was thinking it could be called 'Off Limits' but tell me if you have anything else in mind! Hope you like it :)
    7 years ago
    Okay, what about the name Jemini?
    7 years ago
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    Jemini, yeah it's still unusual haha
    7 years ago
    I'm back, sorry, I was away for like almost all day. Do we have an idea for the first chapter? Cause I have one

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