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Name: Alaina Boehlke
Age: 18
Hobbies: Listening to music, making music, singing, guitar, piano, movies (especially horror), and more.
I love writing and adore One Direction and I hope you like my Movellas'
Twitter: @AlainaLynn11
Kik: AlainaHoranBayBayy
e-mail: bon.qui.qui11@hotmail.com
Love you sexy mofos- Alaina xx

  • ToughLove1144
    I understand if the smut in the chapter was too much, but that's why I put a warning label on the chapter. I did it because all the people were Kiking me telling me I needs smut. And trust me, there's worse books on here.
    Another World
    Another World
    Alaina is your typical Fan-Girl living in London with her bestfriend and new roomate Gracie... When Alaina meets her and Gracie's favorite One Direction Boy; Niall and gets intimate what will Gracie think.?...
  • ToughLove1144
    Legit I'm only on the third chapter but when it said listen to Still The One... I already was o.O
    The Fame Project - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction - Sequel To TMABP
    The Fame Project...
    School's ended. Louis and the boys are in a worldwide famous boy band while Rosie is stuck in a rundown flat, studying at college in London. Things couldn't have ended more differently for the two. And...
  • ToughLove1144
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    I can't even... Ugh.. YOUR A FANTABULOUS WRITER.!!
    Shake It Out
    Shake It Out
    Zoey has been in love with her childhood best friend, Harry, for as long as she can remember. There's just one problem - after being catapulted to fame with One Direction, Harry is now engaged to her devious...
    Stephanie Williams
    Thankyou!!!! That is such a lovely thing to say and I am so grateful you took the time to read this!!! xxx
  • ToughLove1144
    I LOVE the campfire song too.! It's my favorite song on there.! It's soo good so far.! Love it.! -Alain xx
    I'll Look After You (Sequel To Little Malik)
    I'll Look After...
    Sequel to Little Malik, so urrm yeah, read it?
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