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Hey there, beautiful.
I'm a recovering girl who loves to write.
I love cats and coffee, sweaters and Autumn.
I was born on a hot night in July, back in 1998.
I have ginger hair, and I'm borderline albino.
I have big blue eyes that see everything.
I have big red lips that say nothing.
I'm very shy, even after we've been friends for awhile.
I'm still here, if you need to talk.
I'm a great listener.

C̲ᴏ̲ɴ̲ᴛ̲ᴀ̲ᴄ̲ᴛ̲ ̲M̲ᴇ̲
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  • My Ex-Boyfriend's Secret. [BoyxBoy]
    My Ex-Boyfriend's...
    by T-Rex
  • T-Rex


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    I have the name of my new book now, it's to be called "Realistic" and I've also got the prologue/side notes done. Here's a sneak peak:
    I’d like to get to know you, breathe you like you’ll breathe me in these pages. I want to fall for you; I want you to fall for me and it to all work in perfect harmony. Weeks from now, maybe even months depending on the pace you read things, I’ll be gone. You’ll know everything about me, and I’ll know nothing about you. I won’t know the shape of your body against mine. I won’t know the feel of your palm in mine. I’ll never know the shade of your eyes- are they a blue? A lovely green? Or maybe their grey, when you’re sad they get darker, nevertheless I bet they’re lovely. I won’t know any of these things but the feel of your fingertips upon my pages. No matter, though, I’ll still love you. I hope you love me too; this won’t work well if you don’t.
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    8 years agoReply
    I'm putting "My Ex-Boyfriend's Secret" on hold. I'm starting a new book, which I have no title for, where the main character falls in-love with the reader. It's going to be up sometime in the beginning of June, it'd be up sooner, but I have exams right now D: My last week of school is NEXT WEEK :D Five days. So, i'll type up a few chapters and post them. Stay tuned (:
    8 years ago
    Hey that sounds cool!! You don't happen to be Lizzie Hastings, do you? You look like a girl I used to know and you have the same name as her!! Soz if your not!! Haha, my ex-boyfriend's secret is really good!! Keep it up!!!!! ☺☻
    7 years ago
    I'm not Lizzie Hashtings, though if she looks like me I feel sorry for her! Thank you very much, sorry for the wait.
  • T-Rex

    mumbled "I swear my mom was never a teenager- ever."

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    I get to MEET and SEE Ed Sheeran in concert tomorrow, and she tells me I need to "calm the f&*k down, it's just some dumb, ugly ginger who can't half sing" ASDFGHJKL NOGBVDFGV DFKGM NO MOTHER, BAD WOMAN. ED SHEERAN IS A GOD GTFO IM GOING TO FANGIRL ALL I WANNA!
    8 years ago
    You get to meet ed sheeren?! IM SO JELOUS
    8 years ago
    I met him. He's so, asdfhjkl perfect.
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