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Singing and reading and writing are my things. ♡ thank the Lord that I serve a God that's perfect. ♡ Are you who you wanna be?

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    Oh my goshee... This is amazing. Please, please, please continue. I love the detail, as I have mentioned before. I cannot find anything that needs any critiquing. Goddd, this is great. Please add another chapter soon. I love it more than I love chicken nuggets
    This is not your average story.
    4 years ago
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    Thank you so much! That means loads! <3 <3
    No problem (: <3
    Thanks so much for the follow, btw. :D
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    mumbled "Hullow"

    Hey guys, haven't been on in a while. Just been reading on the app. I wish they would update that instead of the website, but whatever forever. Love you guys :>
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    mumbled "HAIIII"

    Hello, guys. So as you can see, I did a little remodeling on my account. :P But anyways, sorry I haven't been on in forever. Someone stole my phone so I've been very out of touch for a while and it'll be a little longer until I'm able to get another. To those who have gotten their phone stolen, I feel your pain loves. And to those who haven't, well, there are some terrible people out there, so don't ever leave it out of your sight because all it takes is two minutes. So yeah. That sucks. But, hey! Another chapter for Now or Never is finally in the works and WILL BE PUBLISHED TODAY! Thanks so much to all of my readers and I appreciate everything. I, as well as AUSTIN FREAKING CARLILE, love you c:
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