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Hey it's your girl The Lone Wanderer from Vault 101!
I love the Fallout series; my favourite one is Fallout 3.
I also love Imagine Dragons, drawing, reading, rock/indie/country music and writing, usually fanfic of whatever i'm into at the time.
I'm also a gamer girl


by , Tuesday September 26, 2017

Hey guys!!

Ok, something weird just happened...

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  • The Lone Wanderer

    mumbled "wow my life has changed..."

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    okay, you guys all [did] know me as TrueFirebreatherGirl.
    I've changed my theme since I was last on here, since I got into fallout.
    I've missed this site so much. I'm going to make an effort to be more active.
    Also, my life has completely fell apart and crumbled in a MASSIVE way. More about that in my blog.
    I'm looking forwards to sharing all my new stories and ideas with you guys, and I hope I'm welcomed back well!
    The Lone Wandererxxx
    Lily Anna
    8 months ago
    Welcome back :)
    The Lone Wanderer
    8 months ago
    thank you!!
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