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Guess what I'm doing? Besides Twerking with Harry...
I'm in my writing process! haha Not all the time!
So hit me up!
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Yeah I recently changed my username! Its Twerking_with_Harry like every other profile I have on writing Websites!!
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    mumbled "New Chapter"

    The new Chapter for Property of Harry Styles is coming out today so I hope I didn't make any of you sad! well i doubt it! but Still I hope you like it :)
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    mumbled "New Covers....Waiting...."


    I haven't been writing new Chapters to my stories because I'm currently waiting on new Covers to come for them, I Have No Clue when they are going to be done but i'm Hoping that they will be soon. Sorry again that I haven't Wrote anything new yet. I have been waiting for a while but I think since I've waited this long they are going to be AMAZING!!
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    Okay I have News! I need at least two new Likes and or Favorite for this story in order to update...I know I'm Pushy but I kinda want it to be good and I just want to know if its more than just my fans being Awesome and Liking it because they like me without even reading it...So Yeah 2 Likes and or Favorites for the next update!
    This Means War
    This Means War
    Carter is just a simple girl, Nothing Special, She had been abused all her life by her Foster Parents and was Lied to about everything. One Day before getting home from work Carter is taken by 5 boys,...
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