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6 facts about ME.....
1.) My name is Emma
2.) I skateboard
3.) I love to draw
4.) I love all kinds ok music
5.) I sing
6.) I may be moving to Ireland when I am around 25 ish.

Ok so I have another account pancakeparty666 and if you could will you please go and follow it

If you do thank you very much have a nice day


  • irish_are_awsome
    Please update women I need more ...
    Changed (Cameron Dallas Fan Fic)
    Changed (Cameron...
    She hated her life... Ever since her mom died from cancer, dad died from a car crash with her little sister Farrah in the back seat... She lives alone bullied, constantly cuts herself becoming super pale......
  • irish_are_awsome
    This is a very well written and good book so far , good job on it ��
    Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel
    Tears streaming down my face, I grabbed the razor and sat down on the cold bathroom floor. I rolled up my sleeves and pressed the razor against my skin, sliding it. I watched as the blood oozed out. “Marie!”...
  • irish_are_awsome
    Please update soon you are killing me making me waiting .
    I need to know what happens.....
    Stole My Heart Sequel.
    Stole My Heart Seq...
    This is the sequel to my first movella "Stole My Heart" Which you can read Here: http://www.movellas.com/da/book/read/201207240608145932
  • irish_are_awsome
    This is a really really really good book ��
    The Insane Life Of Andy Biersack's Daughter
    The Insane Life...
    What if your life was turned upside down by one little DNA test? What if you went from a normal, boring nobody to a celebrity overnight? It may sound great but for Keara Abrams it's not all it's cracked...
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