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Just a simple nerd. Fandoms and music are my life. Rock music all the way, *sticks tongue out and holds up rock on signs*.

"I'm not psycho, I just like psychotic things!" - Gerard Way

"Normalness leads to sadness." - AmazingPhil (Phil Lester)

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    mumbled "But first... "

    I am going to go out with a bang... I'm gonna tell my favorite joke before I leave...

    What do you call a Pansexual guy named Nick who works at a DVD store......

    Pan-Nick at the disc co. XD XD XD XD

    ok.. bye for reals now...
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    mumbled "Goodbye..."

    Guys, I am going through a hard time right now. I am not going to delete my account, but I am making the choice to give it up for a while. I'm sorry... I'll probably visit in, like, a week. Maybe.

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    Hey, I have a question. I am considering joining the Rocking' Lyrics competition, and I am unable to make a trailer and a cover for my movella. Is that ok???? I'd really love to join but I am kinda panicking because I can't make a cover. Please answer!!! Thanks!!!!!
    4 years ago
    You don't have to make a cover to enter your songfic into the competition :-) There are plenty of generic covers to choose from to go with your entry.

    I would say to go ahead and join the competition! Just enter the songfic you've written as an entry on it's own to win 1st place or runner up, we have separate categories and therefore separate winners for best trailer/cover :-)

    Did that answer your question? I hope so!
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    Something strange is going on in London. Teenagers have been disappearing from Patrick's street, but nobody can work out where they've all been going. There is no trace of the missing people, but, when...
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