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Hobbies include: singing, eating food, drawing, writing fanfictions (big surprise there!), and playing the guitar.

Tacos are great you should totally go eat some like right NOW!

I love One Direction if you couldn't tell from my movellas and even though I love them all, I have to say I'm a Niall girl.

You awesome people who read my works of whatever the heck goes on in my brain are called my peeps or little marshmallows because I love peeps they are amazing (just incase you needed an explanation to why I refer to you guys as marshmallows).

Thank you for the reads and fans and favorites and comments I luv ya! byeeeeee

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    mumbled "One Direction are Vampires"

    Hey my little marsh mellows! I am so very sorry that I haven't updated in FOREVER but I rushed into my story too much and I need to redo some of it now. I'm keeping the parts you guys think are funny, but I'm adding more to the story line. So I'm really just editing everything over-all. Also, I'm hoping to post this story on my wattpad account as well. I can't wait to see what you guys think of it once it's done!
    Bye for now!
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    hiiiiiiiiiiiii i love this also tacos!!!
    My Fight
    My Fight
    This is the story of Tiana Louise Powers. Everything in here came from a notebook, and everything in here is true. Tiana wishes she was never born, but can someone change that? Dylan sure hopes he can....
  • undercover_demigod
    Please update this is amazing!!
    Take Me Instead
    Take Me Instead
    What would you do if a bunch of men came and snatched you off the streets? What would you do if you were tied up in a dark room with people you barley know? Would you do anything to keep them safe or just...
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