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  • slytherinprincess16
    Hey. I was hoping if you could do a cover for me?
    Title: Fire vs Ice
    Blurb: Madison Morgan is the most popular girl around town until she meets a bad boy. Her father doesn’t like it but things end up changing for the better.
    Idea: Fire and Ice background
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    4 months ago
    hi! would you like your name on the cover as the author?
    4 months ago
    your cover is now up!
  • slytherinprincess16
    Hi! I was hoping to get a cover for my story.
    Title: X-men: Legacies
    Author: Slytherinprincess16
    Summary: Arianna Black is a mutant who can’t seem to control her powers properly. She lost everything one dreadful night and wants to get it back. What happens when Charles Xavier comes to the rescue? Will he help her control her powers or leave her in the dust?
    Link: not yet published
    Mood: sad and romantic
    Color film: None
    Effects: None
    Quick order: No
    Fan fiction: superhero/X-men
    Drawn or Real life: Real life
    Pictures: A old worn out warehouse. A blonde or brunette haired girl with angel wings curled up in a ball crying with James McAvoy as Charles Xavier comforting her. I want Ben Hardy, as Angel, looking at them from a distance.
    Thank you!
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