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Right well I'm a proud ravenclaw. I LOVE harry potter. My favourite HP characters are the Weasley twins. I also LOVE ginny and Hermoine.
I am a blackshirt in CHERUB. Nobody has probably read them but they are CLASS!!!! Anyway I'm a blackshirt. My favourite CHERUB characters are Lauren and Grace. THATS ALL!!!!��������

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    mumbled "Merry Christmas!"

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    Hi everyone! I'd like to wish you all a very merry christmas (if you celebrate it) I know I haven't updated my story in MONTHS but I promise I will continue it in the new year. I don't have a computer and it is SO awkward writing on my iPod. See you then, my lovelies!!!
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    Name: Sara Alder House:Ravenclaw Skills: an all rounder in subjects. Able to speak to animals and mermaids. Personality: her imagination is extremely wild. She likes to talk, but only if she likes the person. Very clever and good at reading people and animals emotions. Appearance: blonde hair cut in a bob. Pale skin.No freckles. Slim figure that most girls are VERY jealous of. Forgot to say that she loves reading too.
    Harry Potter: Your Story
    Harry Potter: Your...
    This is a story about Hogwarts. About witches and wizards. About spells and wands. But most of all, It's about YOU.
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    It's been ages since the last update. Please update? It makes me laugh soooo much! Hope you continue soon :)
    Hoping For a Better Future: BOOK ONE
    Hoping For a Bette...
    One day after the end of Harry's third year, he wanders the castle when suddenly a whole package of books falls on his head. Read my version of Reading the Harry Potter Books! =D
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    Don't lose motivation! This is so good! It makes me go off in fits of laughter...�� please post another update������ I wish I could co-author but I can't write on my iPod... Sorry!
    Reading Your Own Life
    Reading Your Own...
    Harry has just been attacked by Dementors, he wants to know what is going on and why people are ignoring him. When he gets a letter though, it isn't what he expects. It seems to be from the future! Not...
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    Yeah.. Maybe someone else could co-author because I won't get a computer for a month or two... I'd love to but if you want to get the story on its way then I'm probably not the best person :(
    4 years ago
    Ah okay, well when you do get a computer, just drop me a message and you can do a chapter or two if you still want to :)
    4 years ago
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    Bloody hell! That's bloody brilliant! ( get what I did there?!) anyway that's really good!
    Hermione's Seventh Year
    Hermione's Seventh...
    After the war Hermione is going back to Hogwarts without Ron, Harry and Ginny. Will she cope with the memories the castle brings back? And how will she react when an unexpected visitor turns up? Cover...
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    Yes I do! Thank you so much!:)
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