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hi! I'm daisy , or dai-zee as my little brother like to call me.
i love writing and reading so i thought why not try this out?

age: 15

The best damn thing

by , Saturday October 1, 2016
The best damn thing





​first kiss : check

cute boys: check

​relationship status ....... error

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  • vanilladimples

    mumbled "update finally"

    hey I've finally updated 'perfectly imperfect' my harry styles fanfiction . so please check it out and like and comment what you think !
  • vanilladimples

    mumbled "harry styles competiton "

    has anyone else entered for the harry fanfiction for #signofthetimes?? ive just started mine 'imperfectly perfect' and I'm exciteddddd check it out!
    A Writer's Soul
    3 years ago
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    Oh I love his new song, I'll check your story out soon
    3 years ago
    same here and thank you !
  • vanilladimples

    mumbled "harry styles #signofthetimes"

    I'm in love with harrys new song <3 finally decided to start writing again on here , of course harry styles fanfiction check it out!
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