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⛥ ⛧ ⛥ 96% of teens won't admit how spicy their atheism is, be one of the 4% who will ⛥ ⛧ ⛥

I am a fantasy fanboy, I love the fantasy and sci-fi genres. If I were to describe myself with as few words possible I would say I am a nerd because that is what I truly am.
To find out more about this adorable (laughs) person I am and to learn about my interests please check out my ongoing story, 'The Diary of a Tau Player'.

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Iramque tuam ego tibi peccata

Verae religionis est mendacium

Personaliter putant liberum

'It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones riding the sabre-tooth tigers and using owls as binoculars. - PC Gamer 2016

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  • Varis Underwood

    mumbled "Update"

    I thought I'd post an update as I'm finally doing my first bit of writing for what not what only seems like months but has been months! Who knows if it'll go anywhere though

    I met up with my girlfriend last weekend and it went so great, I already miss her loads aha, I can't wait to see her again but for a first meetup and our first date it was so good
  • Varis Underwood

    mumbled "Excited!!!"

    So my girlfriend starts work next week which means she's gonna be able to come up to visit me at Christmas! I can't wait, she's booking the train tickets tonight, we're gonna spend a couple of days and nights together, maybe I'll write about it in my "Dairy" and have the first entry for god knows how long xD I can't wait
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