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Poems are songs a heart
Cannot bear to sing;
and stories are words an
author cannot say aloud.


Victoria's Place

by , Tuesday October 18, 2016
 Victoria's Place

Hello World!

A Brief Apology

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  • Victoria Wethers

    mumbled "Nostalgia"

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    Oh my goodness its so strange to be back on here and looking at everything! I've grown up so much in the past few years I've been away and its so nice to see all my old friends here again. So many memories! Looking at my old works is pretty cringy for me but its okay! So much has changed for me too; some sad, some tragic, some for the best but I want you all to know I would not be the writer I am now without all of your kind words and support! I miss you all so much and I thank all of you for your friendship. I wish we could co-author another story and start over with the skills we now possess but I'm so swamped with all my projects right now...including the third book in the Prophecy Chronicles once known as the Howl Series.

    Maybe one day we can all come together as sort of a High School Reunion and write a short story!
  • Victoria Wethers
    I have some very exciting news!!!!!

    Moon: First in the Prophecy Chronicles is now published as an ebook on Amazon and the Kindle store! Please, please spread the word every little bit helps.

    Please help me make my dream of being a published author real and support me in this endeavor, I love you all!!!!
    Bez Morgan
    11 months ago
    That's amazing, well done!
  • Victoria Wethers
    I kind of want to update this
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